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  1. 04-09-2020
    New Product Info: Free Formaldehyde in Textiles

    The textile industry is a sector with an important weight in the world economy and has a strong impact [...]

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  2. 21-07-2020
    New Product Info for Fuel Oil Analysis

    The Petrochemical Industry is of utmost importance in the 21st century. At Scharlab we are aware of the importance [...]

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  3. 14-07-2020
    Custom-Made products

    The challenges facing professionals in laboratories and industry research centers vary depending on their needs. Scharlab, as a chemical manufacturer, [...]

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  4. 22-06-2020
    New Dichloromethane for TPH Analysis

    Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) is the term used to describe the quantity of hydrocarbons derived from petroleum extracted and [...]

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  5. 08-06-2020
    Scharlab - Innovative Company

    We are proud to announce that the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation has registered Scharlab, S.L. in the [...]

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  6. 03-06-2020
    New Product Info for Kerosene Analysis

    The Petrochemical Industry is of utmost importance in the 21st century. At Scharlab we are aware of the importance [...]

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  7. 21-05-2020
    Inorganic Trace Analysis. Pure confidence

    Inorganic Trace Analysis, the measurement of trace concentrations of elements, is more and more commonly performed. The most used [...]

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  8. 19-05-2020
    TLC plates Scharlau

    Thin-layer chromatography (TLC) is a quick, simple, inexpensive and extremely versatile technique for analytical and/or preparative analysis. Widespread in numerous [...]

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  9. 14-05-2020
    New Methanol Ultragradient: the best Methanol for your chromatography

    Methanol, the simplest alcohol that exists, is a colorless, low-density, flammable and water-miscible liquid. The high polarity of methanol [...]

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  10. 12-05-2020
    New Product Info for Gasoline Analysis

    The Petrochemical Industry is of utmost importance in the 21st century. At Scharlab we are aware of the importance [...]

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  11. 06-05-2020
    New Chemispill® video and new Chemispill® Bulk packagings

    Scharlab is pleased to present the new Chemispill® video, an explanatory video showing how to use the different products [...]

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  12. 23-04-2020
    Aquagent® Coulometric range

    Scharlab's Aquagent® Karl Fischer reagents are products used to analise the water quantity in different products. The determination of [...]

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  13. 20-04-2020
    New Product Info of Ion Pair Chromatography Reagents

    Scharlab is pleased to announce the new Product Info of Ion Pair Chromatography Reagents, a document that shows all [...]

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  14. 03-04-2020
    Coronavirus: Easter Holidays at Scharlab

    As Scharlab is considered a strategic company, from Monday 6th April to Wednesday 8th April, inclusive, at Scharlab [...]

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  15. 31-03-2020
    Coronavirus: Scharlab - We will continue our activity

    Sentmenat, 30th March 2020 As this week gets underway, at Scharlab we will continue our activity as we are considered [...]

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  16. 30-03-2020
    New Product Info for Diesel Analysis

    The Petrochemical Industry is of utmost importance in the 21st century. At Scharlab we are aware of the importance [...]

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  17. 30-03-2020
    New edition of our Chemicals and Reagents Catalogue

    Scharlab presents the new edition of the Chemicals and Reagents Catalogue. You will find, in this catalogue, all Scharlau branded [...]

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  18. 16-03-2020

    Sentmenat on March 13, 2020 Dear Customers and Colleagues, as a result of the expansion of the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, [...]

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  19. 11-03-2020

    Dear Colleagues and Customers. We want to inform you that we have implemented several actions aligned with the guidelines of [...]

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  20. 11-02-2020
    New Conductivity Standards brochure

    Scharlab presents the new Scharlau conductivity standards brochure. This document contains all the information regarding the whole range of [...]

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  21. 21-01-2020
    A new video to celebrate the new year!

    We wanted to include all the latest news from Scharlab in manufacturing as well as our product or service [...]

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  22. 11-06-2019
    Scharlab at the 34th Philippine Chemistry Congress

    From 28th to 30th May, the 34th Philippine Chemistry Congress was held in Cebu City, in the Philippines. As in [...]

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  23. 31-05-2019
    Thank you for your visit - LAPWR

    From 5th to 8th May, the 7th Latin American Pesticide Residue Workshop (LAPWR) was held in Foz do Iguazu [...]

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  24. 29-05-2019
    New Scharlau pH buffer kit and pH buffer insurance

    pH value is probably the most common of all routinely performed measurements in laboratories. Since pH-value affects all chemical [...]

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  25. 21-05-2019
    Scharlau GC-MC Solvents

    Scharlab announces its new range of GC-MS solvents. These highly-purified solvents are suitable for gas chromatography analysis coupled [...]

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  26. 07-05-2019
    New Kubitainer box

    From the start of 2019, the Kubitainer box has a new format. The dimensions and design are the same, [...]

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  27. 23-04-2019
    White Paper Chemispill®

    Scharlab is please to present our new technical document regarding our Chemispill® range of absorbents. This White Paper contains [...]

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  28. 09-04-2019
    New brand names: EssentQ and ExpertQ

    Up to now, Scharlab had registered trademarks for some of its products: Pharmpur® for those that comply with some [...]

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  29. 25-03-2019
    Improvements to Scharlab’s website

    Scharlab suggests…

    The product search engine on Scharlab’s website has been updated by adding a new, complete suggestion system. We’ve [...]

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  30. 21-03-2019
    Standard Buffer Solutions – New Brochure

    From Scharlab we are pleased to announce the updated version of our Standard Buffer Solutions Brochure. This document contains [...]

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  31. 04-03-2019
    New White Paper: Headspace GC solvents

    We would like to present a new technical document for our Headspace GC solvents range. In this paper, you [...]

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  32. 30-01-2019
    ISO 9001:2015 - ISO 14001:2015

    During the last months September and October, Scharlab SL held the follow-up audit for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001: [...]

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  33. 29-01-2019

    Scharlab is pleased to announce our new range of Scharlau absorbents against laboratory spillages: Chemispill®. This new product line [...]

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  34. 03-01-2019
    We are celebrating in 2019!

    At the start of the new year, Scharlab turns 70. Throughout all these years, we have worked intensely designing, [...]

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  35. 17-12-2018
    Christmas 2018 - Scharlau Microbiology Calendar

    Scharlab is pleased to announce the new Microbiology Calendar. As in previous years, it includes microbiological growths from different culture [...]

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  36. 05-12-2018
    Scharlau Ready-to-Use Media on rapidmicrobiology

    The www.rapidmicrobiology.com website, one of the most internationally recognised resources for comprehensive information for microbiologists, has invited Scharlab [...]

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  37. 23-11-2018
    SCHARLAB Product Tree

    On Scharlab's Website, there has been a new banner on the homepage since July with the Scharlau brand products [...]

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  38. 19-09-2018
    Scharlab photo contest 2018

    Congratulations to the winners: - Sra. Rebeca Franco Doménech de Gamaser, S.L., Valencia, photo 43. Winning photograph and Glassware prize. - [...]

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  39. 28-08-2018
    Sixth edition of our Microbiology Catalogue in English

    Throughout the almost 70-year history of Scharlab we have been offering our catalogues in various presentations. Today, we present the [...]

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  40. 27-07-2018
    New homepage for scharlab.com

    Scharlab launches new homepage on its website: scharlab.com. The new homepage is a leap forward in design, functionality, clarity and [...]

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  41. 25-07-2018
    Pesticide Analysis Leaflet

    Scharlab presents a new edition of its leaflet: Pesticide Analysis. It includes material regularly used in pesticide analysis laboratories such [...]

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  42. 25-06-2018
    MistraCon® Strains

    Scharlab is pleased to announce the international launch of a new line of Scharlau products, MiStraCon® strains. These are American [...]

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  43. 31-05-2018
    New leaflet for LC-MS & UHPLC-MS solvents

    Scharlab is pleased to announce the new version of its LC-MS & UHPLC-MS solvents leaflet, containing a range of [...]

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  44. 22-05-2018
    Scharlab photography competition 2018

    For the sixth year in a row, we have launched a new edition of our Annual Contest entitled "Take [...]

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  45. 27-04-2018
    New range of Scharlau disposable, powder-free nitrile gloves

    Protection, quality and comfort at a good price. Available in boxes of 100 gloves and 10 boxes per carton/case, in [...]

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  46. 02-03-2018
    Scharlab Reader App v1.0.4 for Android

    Scharlab Reader App v1.0.4 for Android lets you obtain technical documents and mini safety labels by simply scanning the QR [...]

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  47. 02-02-2018
    Scharlab Christmas draw - And the winner is...

    We have the winner of our Christmas draw: Dra. Marta Pitarch Bielsa from Universitat Jaume I in Castellón, Spain. Congratulations! Our [...]

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  48. 19-12-2017
    Scharlab Christmas draw

    Find the Christmas ball on the Scharlab website and participate in a draw of a batch of Scharlau Leather [...]

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  49. 23-11-2017
    We congratulate our distributor in India

    Our distributor in India, Orbit Scientific Products, attended the exhibition Asia Labex in Ahmebadad (India) last [...]

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  50. 06-11-2017
    Photo Contest 2017 Winners

    Congratulations to the winners: -Sra. Mati González, UPC-SETRI, Barcelona, photo 24 (1st prize) -Sr. David Amantia, LEITAT, Terrassa, photo 36 (2nd [...]

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  51. 19-09-2017
    New Scharlab Corporate Video

    We would like to present our new corporate video, where we briefly wish to explain who we are and [...]

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  52. 30-06-2017
    Scharlab Photography Contest 2017

    For the fifth year in a row, we have launched a new edition of our Annual Contest entitled "Take [...]

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  53. 16-05-2017
    First edition of our General Catalogue in French

    For the last 65 years of Scharlab's company history, we have published our catalogues in various formats. During the last [...]

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  54. 27-02-2017
    By your side…

    From our beginnings in 1949, we have been manufacturing chemical reagents for more than 60 years, being the first [...]

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  55. 20-02-2017
    Scharlab Christmas draw – And the winner is...

    We have the winners of our Christmas draw: Dra. Mònica Coll from Centre de Genètica Cardiovascular (IDIBGI) in Girona, Spain [...]

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  56. 12-12-2016
    Scharlab Christmas draw

    Find the Christmas tree on the Scharlab website and participate in a draw of a batch of Scharlau Leather [...]

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  57. 28-09-2016
    New Scharlab Reader App

    Our new app lets you obtain technical documents and mini safety labels by simply scanning the QR code on [...]

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  58. 26-09-2016
    Thailand LAB International Exhibition 2016

    From 21st to 23rd September the Thailand Lab International Exhibition, considered the leading laboratory exhibition in Asia, was held [...]

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  59. 20-09-2016
    Visit us at CPhI Barcelona and Analytica China

    The Scharlab Team will be pleased to welcome you at our booth during the CPhI Exhibition in Barcelona (Booth [...]

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  60. 15-09-2016
    Scharlau laboratory filtration

    Find the most suitable product for your application among our broad filtration range. [...]

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  61. 13-09-2016
    New Pesticide Analysis Leaflet

    We would like to introduce our new leaflet: Pesticide Analysis. This new leaflet includes material regularly used in pesticide analysis [...]

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  62. 02-09-2016
    New organic standards catalogue

    Introducing the new Scharlau catalogue for organic standards. This new catalogue includes both individual standards in solution and mixtures. Among [...]

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  63. 30-05-2016
    New Deterlabo® products for laboratory cleaning

    We are pleased to announce the expansion of our Scharlau portfolio with a new product range: Deterlabo®, a product [...]

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  64. 25-05-2016
    New range of volumetric flasks with coloured neck

    We would like to introduce our new range of volumetric flasks with colored neck which allow easy identification of [...]

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  65. 20-05-2016
    Winner of the draw at Analytica

    We would like to thank all of those who took the time to visit our booth at Analytica and [...]

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  66. 20-05-2016
    Join Scharlab at EPRW

    The Scharlab Team will be pleased to welcome you at our booths 2 & 3 throughout the EPRW Exhibition, [...]

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  67. 26-04-2016
    Scharlau Selective Supplements

    Scharlab offers its wide range of Scharlau Selective Supplements for lyophilized culture media, for isolation of specific microorganisms. [...]

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  68. 21-04-2016
    Aquagent® Reagents for Karl Fischer titration

    Scharlab offers the Aquagent® product line. It includes pyridine-free reagents, solution media and standards for the determination of water [...]

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  69. 11-04-2016
    Join Scharlab at ANALYTICA 2016

    The Scharlab Team will be pleased to welcome you at our booth 508B in Hall B1 during the ANALYTICA [...]

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  70. 01-03-2016
    Benchtop minireactors

    Take a look to the benefits of our minireactors for synthesis in liquid phase with mechanical stirring and electrical [...]

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  71. 27-01-2016
    Scharlab Christmas draw – And the winner is...

    We have the winner of our Christmas draw: Mr. José Luís Guirao from Laboratorios Ecosur in Spain. Our Xmas tree was [...]

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  72. 25-01-2016
    Scharlab's 2016 Calendar available

    Our 2016 microbiology calendar is available. It includes microbiological growth in different culture media, one for each month, to [...]

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  73. 21-01-2016
    New subsidiary in Brazil

    Last 28th Dec, Scharlab signed an agreement to acquire the majority of Commercial Graulab Ltd. shares, to set [...]

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  74. 21-12-2015
    Scharlab Christmas draw

    Find the Christmas tree on the Scharlab website and participate in a draw of a Apple Watch*. Send your [...]

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  75. 18-12-2015
    Pesticides in food Workshop(Brazil)

    On November 18th, the Pesticides in food Workshop took place in São Paulo (Brazil). This event was organized by the [...]

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  76. 29-10-2015
    Improving our level of service

    Scharlab’s website is now suggesting available alternative products. When searching for a product on our website, an alternative which is [...]

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  77. 28-10-2015
    New range of Scharlau laboratory mini-reactors

    We are pleased to announce our new range of benchtop mini-reactors for synthesis in liquid phase at affordable [...]

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  78. 18-09-2015
    All the information regarding Scharlau filtration is available on our website

    In the new Scharlau Brand section of our website, and also following the link below, you will find all [...]

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  79. 20-07-2015
    New Scharlau Chemicals and Scharlau Microbiology sites

    Scharlab launches two new websites in English: the Scharlau Chemicals Site dedicated to Scharlau chemicals and the Scharlau Microbiology [...]

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  80. 11-06-2015
    ExtraBond® QuEChERS – New packaging

    Since the beginning of this month, the ExtraBond® QuEChERS extraction kits are being packed in a new sachet. For [...]

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  81. 09-06-2015
    New pesticide mix according to official EU Regulation

    The European Commission has adopted a regulation (400/2014) by which member states shall take and analyze samples for a [...]

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  82. 03-06-2015
    We light up your life with a broad portfolio

    We would like to introduce our new leaflet : In your laboratory, rely on Scharlab. This 8 page document [...]

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  83. 27-05-2015
    New BD 600 BOD measurement system from Lovibond

    The Tintometer® Group launches the new model BD 600 BOD measurement system, for accurate, automatic and direct control of [...]

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  84. 27-05-2015
    New Scharlau’s Chemicals and Reagents Catalogue

    We would like to introduce a new edition of our Chemicals and Reagents Catalogue in English, where you could [...]

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  85. 26-05-2015
    New ExtraBond® Scharlau solid phase extraction leaflet available online

    This new catalogue of Scharlau’s solid phase extraction highlights the features of our ExtraBond® product range and contains the [...]

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  86. 11-03-2015
    NEW sterile PES syringe filters

    Scharlau has now available PES (Polyethersulfone) syringe filters of 25mm diameter and pore size 0,22µm and 0,45µm. These filters [...]

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  87. 11-03-2015
    New Chromogenic Coliform Agar according to ISO 9308-1

    Our Microinstant® Chromogenic Coliform Agar, Art. No. 01-797, has been addapted to the new formula recommended in ISO 9308-1 [...]

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  88. 10-03-2015
    New Brochure: inorganic Trace Analysis

    We are pleased to launch a new brochure for our inorganic trace analysis product portfolio: ICP trace analysis . Ultratrace® Ultrapure [...]

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  89. 10-03-2015
    New Tool for Easy Opening of Glass Vials

    From last January, we include a plastic protection tool together with the Karl Fisher standard solutions and the [...]

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  90. 10-03-2015
    New Leaflet for Cosmetics industry Microbiological Analysis

    We have just launched our new leaflet of culture media for microbiological analysis in the Cosmetics industry. The leaflet contains [...]

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  91. 04-03-2015
    Scharlab, your supplier of custom made glassware

    Our extensive experience with over 40 years in the field of laboratory glassware, enables us to manufacture the highest [...]

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  92. 12-11-2014
    New ISO certificates

    Our firm has renovated for next 3 years the certificates of quality and environmental management included in our integrated [...]

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  93. 11-11-2014
    Scharlab at COLACRO

    Scharlab was present with a booth at the Latin American Chromatography Workshop (Congreso Latinoamericano de Cromatografía) in Cartagena de [...]

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  94. 10-10-2014
    Scharlab extends the range of kits for pesticide analysis using QuEChERS

    The new ExtraBond® QuEChERS range includes extraction kits according to the European, American and Original methods, as well as [...]

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  95. 12-09-2014
    Research group, leader in pesticide residue analysis, user of Scharlau products

    Researchers of Polo Agroalimentario y Industrial, part of the Universidad de la República de Uruguay and leaders in pesticide [...]

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  96. 05-09-2014
    Scharlab Italy has participated in a training during the Master's degree in Cosmetic Science organized by University of Pavia

    The last 19th of June, the Microbiology Product Specialist of Scharlab, Mr. Xavier Torralba, did a seminar attended by [...]

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  97. 25-07-2014
    Scharlab at EPRW

    Scharlab was present with a booth at the European Pesticide Residue Workshop in Dublin last June 30 - July [...]

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  98. 04-07-2014
    New: WL nutrient agar in filtration plates

    Scharlab, S.L. have launched the new Filtration Plate 55mm presentation for our WL Nutrient Agar. This agar is [...]

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  99. 02-06-2014
    New Scharlau culture media available very soon

    Scharlab S.L. would like to announce the addition of three new culture media for microbiology in our portfolio: 1) DNAse Test [...]

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  100. 28-05-2014
    Updates in Flexibags

    With the aim of continous improvement in our Scharlau brand, we would like to communicate our last update in [...]

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  101. 06-05-2014
    New ExtraBond® SPE video available Online

    A new ExtraBond® SPE video is now available on our website, at Support, Video tutorials and also in our [...]

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  102. 01-04-2014
    New ExtraBond® Leaflet Available Online

    This new ExtraBond® leaflet highlights the unique features of Scharlau ExtraBond® solid phase extraction cartridges, plates and kits. The ExtraBond® [...]

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  103. 05-03-2014
    Notification of changes

    To give coverage to the great demand, especially in the pharmaceutical customers, about awareness of the critical changes that [...]

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  104. 16-12-2013
    Change in the hazardousness of Imidazole

    Scharlab reports that due to a more restrictive assessment of chemicals by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has changed [...]

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  105. 31-10-2013
    New Calendar 2014

    Scharlab would like to announce the new Calendar for 2014. The calendar includes microbiology growths in different culture media [...]

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  106. 22-10-2013
    Bibby-Scharlau Italia presented his new General Catalogue and his new Website at Chem-Med

    Scharlab was present at Chem-Med last September in Milan In attendance from Bibby-Scharlau Italia were Ms. Emanuela Garrone, Ms. Silvia [...]

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  107. 04-10-2013
    Scharlau introduces new line of pH and semi-quantitative test papers

    The new line includes pH test papers, pH test reels and semi-quantitative test papers. The reels are available at [...]

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  108. 25-09-2013
    Improvement Of Our Cetrimide Agar & Cetrimide-Nalidixic Agar For Pseudomonas

    Scharlab, S.L. would like to announce the latest improvement in our Cetrimide Agar and Cetrimide-Nalidixic Agar, references 01-160 and [...]

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  109. 12-09-2013
    New Aquagent Karl Fischer tutorial videos available on Scharlab website

    Three new Aquagent Karl Fischer tutorial videos are now available at Support, Video tutorials... The videos go through all the [...]

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  110. 26-08-2013
    Shelf life reduction for references 01-135 & 02-135

    Scharlab S.L. inform that shelf life of our dehydrated media MRS Agar and Broth (Man Rogosa Sharpe), references 01-135 [...]

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  111. 22-07-2013
    Ammonia solutions in 5 and 25l, discontinued June through October

    Ammonia solutions have a very low vapor pressure. This can be the cause for 5 and 25l containers to [...]

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  112. 16-07-2013
    Scharlab at HPLC

    Scharlab was present with a booth at HPLC in Amsterdam last June 16-20. In attendance from Scharlab were Ms. Ingela [...]

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  113. 27-06-2013
    Specification of methanol ME0306 improved

    We have recently improved the specification of our methanol Supragradient grade, product code ME0306. Whereas up until now we [...]

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  114. 25-06-2013
    Scharlab introduces new range of UHPLC-MS solvents

    Introducing new range of Scharlau UHPLC-MS solvents. This new product line includes acetonitrile, methanol and water, all of them [...]

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  115. 17-06-2013
    Microbiology in Sachets

    Scharlab provides to the market its dehydrated culture media for microbiology in Sachet presentation. Sachet includes the exact amount [...]

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  116. 05-06-2013
    Scharlau Tributyrin Agar

    Thanks to our advance technology and our large know-how producing culture media for microbiology Scharlab is launching the prepared [...]

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  117. 05-06-2013
    Chapman TTC Agar - Tergitol® 7 Agar

    Scharlau Chapman TTC Agar (Tergitol® 7 Agar) is an excellent option for the analysis of detection of coliforms in [...]

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  118. 03-06-2013
    Scharlab extends the GMP product range

    We are proud to communicate that the range of GMP products has recently been expanded. The latest additions are [...]

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  119. 28-05-2013
    Changes in the specification of di-sodium hydrogen citrate 1,5-hydrate, reagent grade, reag. Ph Eur, SO0349

    As of May 2013, our product code SO0349, di-sodium hydrogen citrate 1,5-hydrate, has changed its specification. The changes include [...]

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  120. 09-05-2013
    Sample COAs available in our website and intranet

    Scharlab is pleased to inform that, for our customers' convenience, sample certificates of analysis of chemicals and dehydrated culture [...]

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  121. 08-05-2013
    Scharlab introduces new range of ultrapure acids

    Introducing new range of Scharlau ultrapure acids. This new product line includes the most commonly used acids in elemental trace [...]

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  122. 29-04-2013
    Introduction of Scharlau Microinstant® Chromogenic Listeria Agar acc. Ottaviani & Agosti (ISO 11290)

    Scharlab, S.L. would like to announce the introduction of our new chromogenic media for Listeria spp. and L. monocytogenes [...]

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  123. 25-04-2013
    A month of Conventions

    One may say that we have been played with an April fools but the Philippine team handled two major [...]

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  124. 09-04-2013
    Scharlab invests 5 million euro in its Sentmenat chemical plant to increase production capacity

    The Minister for Enterprise and Employment, Felip Puig, inaugurated the company's new facilities on Friday The investment has enabled the [...]

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  125. 27-03-2013
    Iron (III) chloride hexahydrate available again

    We are able to supply Iron (III) chloride hexahydrate again. After several months without product availability, we can now [...]

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  126. 25-03-2013
    Shelf life of pH buffer solutions expanded

    We are proud to announce that Scharlau's pH buffer Standards will have from now on a shelf life of [...]

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  127. 25-03-2013
    New GMP leaflet

    The latest version of the GMP product list is already available on our website. As a novelty this time, [...]

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  128. 20-03-2013
    Dealer's Meeting at Mandaluyong City on March 19, 2013

    Discovery was the word of the day for the 2013 Dealer's Meeting that was held at the Discovery Suites, [...]

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  129. 19-03-2013
    Scharlab at Arablab

    Scharlab was present at Arablab with a booth last March 10 -13 in Dubai, UAE. In attendance from Scharlab were [...]

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  130. 11-03-2013
    Shelf life of HPLC grade water expanded

    We are proud to announce that Scharlau's HPLC grade water will have from now on a shelf life of [...]

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  131. 08-03-2013
    Scharlau CCA chromogenic medium in Laboratorios Izadi

    Laboratorios Izadi is an independent laboratory founded in 1996. Dedicated to analysis of food, drinking water and swimming pool [...]

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  132. 18-02-2013
    An Evening with Scharlau

    In the Philippines, February is celebrated as the month of hearts. This is the time when lovers strengthen [...]

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  133. 05-02-2013
    Changes in the appearance of sodium cyanide, SO0190

    As of February 2013, our product code SO0190, sodium cyanide, has changed its appearance. Whereas up until now we [...]

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  134. 08-01-2013
    Changes in the packaging of concentrated volumetric solutions

    In our continuous effort to provide the best possible service, we have replaced our former packaging with a new [...]

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  135. 11-12-2012
    Scharlab at XII Congress of the Spanish Society of Chromatography and Related Techniques (SECyTA)

    From 14 to 16 November the XII Congress of the Spanish Society of Chromatography and Related Techniques (SECyTA) took [...]

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  136. 04-12-2012
    Scharlau Science Group acquires Bibby Scientific Italy

    Scharlau Science Group, announces the acquisition of all the shares of the distribution company Bibby Scientific Italy to the [...]

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  137. 22-11-2012
    Scharlab at Medica

    Scharlab was also present this year at MEDICA from 14-6 November 2012 in Düsseldorf, Germany. "This show attracts distributors from [...]

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  138. 29-10-2012
    Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC)

    Chemical reagents and solvents are becoming more and more regulated within Europe. Several Agencies and Regulations (ECHA, CLP, REACH) [...]

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  139. 15-10-2012
    Safety Seminar in Tuguegarao last October 4

    October 11, 2012 Event: Safety in the Laboratory Where: Villa Blanca Hotel, Tuguegarao City When: October 4, 2012, 1:00pm-5:00pm Speaker: Mr. Gumer Rubiano Organizer: [...]

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  140. 27-08-2012
    Scharlab at European Pesticide Residue Workshop EPRW 2012 in Vienna

    During the 25th to 28 June 2012 was held in Vienna the 9th European Pesticide Residue Workshop [...]

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  141. 30-07-2012
    Scharlab expands end product storage capacity

    In order to provide better delivery times to both our national and international customers, Scharlab SL has increased its [...]

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  142. 19-07-2012
    Scharlau reagents at official laboratories

    Scharlab is pleased to inform that official laboratories, such as the Anti-doping Laboratory of the Superior Sports Council of [...]

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  143. 19-07-2012
    Temporary unavailability of basic solvents in 25l metallic cans

    We regret to inform that, due to a technical problem, we will temporarily not be able to supply BASIC [...]

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  144. 18-07-2012
    Scharlab at Achema 2012

    Scharlab had the peasure to exhibited at ACHEMA 2012 June 18-22 in Frankfurt, Germany. Achema is held every 3 [...]

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  145. 13-07-2012
    Changes in the appearence of Scharlab pH test strips

    As of July 2012, our Scharlab pH test papers are going through several appearance changes. On the one hand, [...]

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  146. 13-07-2012
    Cross-references available on our website and intranet

    Scharlab is pleased to inform that, for our customers' convenience, cross-references with several competitor brands are now available on [...]

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  147. 28-06-2012

    Until now users had to know the exact product description of our catalogue to search for any chemical in [...]

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  148. 26-06-2012
    TDS of reagents in Spanish

    As of today, users can download specifications of our reagents in Spanish language. [...]

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  149. 14-06-2012
    ASEAN-USP Scientific Symposium in Bangkok, Thailand

    June 5-6, 2012 ASEAN-USP Scientific Symposium was held at the Centara Grand Hotel in Central Plaza in Bangkok. Messrs. Unitywewell, [...]

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  150. 10-05-2012
    3D structures now available on our website

    As part of our commitment to the continuous improvement and updating of our website, Scharlab has made available to [...]

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  151. 25-04-2012
    Scharlab extends its range of Aquagent® pyridine-free reagents for Karl Fischer titration.

    The analysis of the water content of a sample by Karl Fisher titration can be carried out using a [...]

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  152. 19-04-2012
    New edition of the international catalogue of culture media for microbiology

    The new edition of the International Catalogue of Culture Media for Microbiology Scharlau: 3rd EDITION is now available. There have [...]

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  153. 17-04-2012
    Scharlau laboratory glassware catalogue 2012

    We are delighted to announce the launch of our New Scharlau Laboratory Glassware Catalogue. Edition no. 2. The main [...]

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  154. 16-03-2012
    Chromatography Supplies Catalogue 2012

    We are delighted to announce the launch of our New Scharlau Chromatography Supplies Catalogue. Edition no. 2. In this [...]

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  155. 14-12-2011
    Philippine Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Convention

    Scharlau took the opportunity to introduce our brand name in the recently concluded Philippine Society of Biochemistry and Molecular [...]

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  156. 26-10-2011
    DKSH, our dealer in Malaysia, has been exhibiting our products at Lab Asia

    Lab Asia will showcase the most recent and state-of-the-art for laboratory, analytical and instrumentation technology and also the latest [...]

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  157. 14-10-2011
    Newsletter Microbiology 2-2011

    Dear Customer, Is now available in our website the new Newsletter No. 2 about Scharlau culture media. If you [...]

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  158. 28-07-2011
    New format for our technical data sheets

    A new format for our products Technical Data Sheets is now available on our website. Scharlab has developed this [...]

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  159. 01-07-2011
    New media in our portfolio for the detection of Legionella


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  160. 06-06-2011
    New CLP poster

    The implementation of Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 on classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures is an established [...]

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  161. 19-05-2011
    New Microbiology Handbook

    We are delighted to announce the launch of our New Microbiology Handbook Edition no. 11 which is available as [...]

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  162. 27-04-2011
    3rd Latin American Congress about Pesticide Residues

    The Third Latin American Congress for Pesticide Residues will be celebrated in Montevideo on the 8th-11th May 2011. This time, [...]

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  163. 26-04-2011
    Scharlau at Sudan International Health Exhibition (Suda health)

    Sudan International Health Exhibition (Suda health) is the first exhibition in the fields of Medical and Laboratory equipment and [...]

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  164. 26-04-2011
    Scharlau at The Chemistry Congress in Cebu City, Cebu, The Philippines

    Scharlau did not want to miss the opportunity to attend this year's Chemistry Congress organized by the Integrated Chemists [...]

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  165. 14-03-2011
    New culture medium, columbia cna agar for the isolation of gram positive cocci

    Columbia CNA Agar has recently been added to our catalogue of culture media. It is a widely used medium [...]

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  166. 14-03-2011
    5th Intl. Exhibition of Specialized Equipment & Services Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industries, Shiraz, Iran

    90 % of the petrochemical industry is concentrated in the southern part of Iran. This is why Shiraz, with [...]

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  167. 03-03-2011
    Newsletter Microbiology 1-2011

    Dear Customer, We have pleasure in introducing to you our new Scharlau Culture Media Newsletter. Our intention with this [...]

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  168. 14-02-2011
    90 mm pre-poured plates in bags

    Dear distributor, This week we have in operation two new plate pouring machines. One for 90 mm plates and one [...]

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  169. 21-01-2011
    New international catalogue of culture media for microbiology

    The new edition of the International Catalogue of Culture Media for Scharlau Microbiology.: 2 EDITION is now available. In [...]

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  170. 11-01-2011
    New Chemicals and Reagents Catalogue

    Scharlab launches it's new international catalogue "Chemicals and Reagents" which include all chemicals manufactured under the Scharlau brand and [...]

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  171. 03-12-2010
    CULTURE MEDIA FOR THE DETECTION OF Campylobacter spp. According To ISO 10272-1 Standard.

    We have included in our product portfolio, culture media required in the testing of food samples for the [...]

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  172. 20-10-2010
    A new security hologram for Scharlau chemical products protects and guarantees their authenticity

    We have repeatedly found fraudulent copies of our branded Scharlau products on the international market. This situation has negatively [...]

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  173. 14-10-2010
    XXIX Latin American Chemistry Congress

    Septiembre 27-Octubre 1 de 2010 El XXIX CONGRESO LATINOAMERICANO DE QUIMICA CLAQ 2010 se realizó en Cartagena de Indias- Colombia; [...]

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  174. 13-09-2010
    Molecular biology reagents

    We present you with the new catalogue of chemicals from Scharlab for molecular biology. It is aimed at all laboratories [...]

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  175. 19-07-2010
    Scharlau at IRANMED 2010

    The 13 th International Exhibition for Medical, Dental and Laboratory Equipments, Pharmaceutical Products and Healthcare Services was held this [...]

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  176. 25-05-2010
    Check the real expiry date

    In some countries we have found that our labels are copied in order to extend the shelf life of [...]

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  177. 06-05-2010
    Scharlau at Chemical Congress in Subic, Luzon, The Philippines

    Scharlau did not want to miss the opportunity to attend this year's Chemical Congress in Subic, Luzon, The Philippines [...]

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  178. 06-05-2010
    Scharlau at Tehran, Iran

    The 15 th International Oil, Gas, Refining & Petrochemical Exhibition was held this year in Tehran International Exhibition Centre [...]

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  179. 29-03-2010
    Chromogenic Coliform Agar, CCA


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  180. 29-03-2010
    Dehydrated culture media for microbiology in preweighed sachets


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  181. 25-03-2010
    All you need to know about GHS

    The GHS was born in the UN with the purpose of facilitating world-wide commerce whilst at the same time [...]

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  182. 03-02-2010
    Scharlau at Arablab 2010

    Continuing in the tradition of the past 15 years, Scharlau did not miss the opportunity to attend this year's [...]

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  183. 03-02-2010
    Scharlau at Medica

    This year Scharlab also exhibited at MEDICA from 18-21 November 2009 in Düsseldorf, Germany. "This is the best showcase for [...]

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  184. 05-11-2009
    REACH, identified uses


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  185. 27-02-2009
    REACH Follow Up


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