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New Product Info: Free Formaldehyde in Textiles

The textile industry is a sector with an important weight in the world economy and has a strong impact on employment in the countries where it is established.

The processes of production of fibres (both natural and synthetic), yarns, fabrics and products related to the manufacture of clothes use compounds and additives that must be controlled. Formaldehyde is widely used as a bactericide and preservative in the production of clothing. But this aldehyde is also an allergen which in contact with human skin can develop dermatitis problems. This is why it is necessary to control free formaldehyde levels in textiles.

Scharlab supplies all the necessary material regulated by the ISO 14184-1:2011 regulation, including chemical reagents, solvents, glassware and instrumentation, for the determination of free formaldehyde in textile samples.

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