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New Methanol Ultragradient: the best Methanol for your chromatography

Methanol, the simplest alcohol that exists, is a colorless, low-density, flammable and water-miscible liquid. The high polarity of methanol makes it a very good solvent for polar substances. These characteristics make it one of the most used solvents in liquid chromatography. In this technique, the absorbance of the mobile phase is one of the critical points in the choice of solvent: the lower the absorption of the solvent, the greater the accuracy of the test and the better results under conditions of gradient elution.

Scharlab launches its new Methanol Ultragradient (ME0339), the only HPLC methanol on the market that ensures minimal gradient absorption at 3 different wavelengths.

After passing an exhaustive Quality Control in our laboratory, we can ensure that Scharlau's Methanol Ultragradient is the cleanest solvent with the lowest number of impurities, suitable for any chromatographic analysis, including UHPLC

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