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New Conductivity Standards brochure

Scharlab presents the new Scharlau conductivity standards brochure. This document contains all the information regarding the whole range of standards, the different packages available and all the technical information of these products.

All our conductivity standards are traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology) and are accompanied by their printed Certificate of Analysis. They are prepared using gravimetric methods, following a procedure that minimises the effect of CO2 on the conductivity of the standard.

These patterns have a guaranteed uncertainty of ±1%, thus ensuring high accuracy. In addition, being a temperature dependent magnitude, the CoA contains a table of conductivity vs Tº, with a wide range of temperatures.

The range of Scharlau Conductivity Standards cover a wide range of conductivities (84, 147, 1413, 12880 and 50000 µS/cm). The expiry date of these standards is 3 years, and are offered in 250 and 500 ml containers.

Download here the brochure