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Analytical funnels

Designed specifically for analytical chemistry. Each size takes a standard size filter paper. Body of funnel is exact 60° angle. Provided with external and internal ribs. Autoclavable. SUITABLE FOR FOODSTUFF.
Analytical funnels
   Cap. (ml)Ø outer (mm)Ø stem (mm)Stem length (mm)Total length (ml)Pack (u.)Reference Availability
3,52743756,310425-000145In Stock
20465437910425-000147In Stock
5066106211210425-000148In Stock
10081117013210425-000150In Stock
2001001182161,55425-000152In Stock
35012011861845425-000153In Stock
700150141152381425-000155In Stock
Long-stem funnels
   Cap. (ml)Ø outer (mm)Ø stem (mm)Stem length (mm)Total length (ml)Pack (u.)Reference Availability
506581501941425-000162In Stock
10078,581432061425-000164In Stock
225103,581451941425-000165In Stock
Powder funnels (polypropylene) and industrial funnels
   Cap. (ml)Ø outer (mm)Ø stem (mm)Stem length (mm)MaterialPack (u.)Reference Availability
12901804348,8PP1425-000166In Stock
94801522,2PP5425-000167In Stock
2001002524,8PP5425-000168In Stock
3601203027,1PP5425-000169In Stock
7301503639,9PP5425-000170In Stock
45601518HDPE5425-000171In Stock
4501302043HDPE5425-000173In Stock
7501402452HDPE5425-000174In Stock
15001803068,5HDPE5425-000175In Stock
40002603875HDPE1425-000177In Stock
Graduated separating funnel
   DescriptionCap. (ml)NS DINGrad. (ml)To level (ml)Pack (u.)Reference Availability
Separating funnel 500ml. Graduated. Top unscrews and valve can be detached for thorough cleaning. Autoclavable.Needle control50029/322,0 5,0 25,020 50 5001425-000978-
   DescriptionPack (u.)Reference Availability
Support for 25 to 170mm funnel, with screw clamps for 8 to 14mm rods1425-000268In Stock
Support for two funnels of 25 to 170mm, with screw clamps for 8 to 14mm rods 1425-000269-
Horseshoe support for a funnel greater than 75mm in diameter, with a screw clamp for 8 to 14mm rods1425-000970In Stock
Manual polypropylene piston pump for viscous liquids, 2" thread and suction tube1425-MP2004-