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ExtraBond® Non-Silica Cartridges

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) has become the ideal method for sample preparation prior to analyses using HPLC, GC, TLC, RIA, NMR and other analytical techniques.

Scharlau Extrabond® comprises a wide range of packaging materials, silica gel as well as polymers of the highest quality and purity that provide excellent and reproducible separation as well as a high recovery rate. Each box of ExtraBond® comes with a certificate of analysis.

What makes Extrabond unique?

-Each Extrabond® cartridge has the phase type and batch number imprinted for greater traceability. It also helps to avoid confusion when handling cartridges of different phases.

-The Extrabond® cartridges are supplied in practical vacuum bags to ensure maximum protection against moisture and thus better conversation. Moreover, the vacuum packing acts as a protector against possible phase detachments.

All these features allow maximum preservation and traceability

Extrabond® is available in a wide range of formats: open cartridges ranging from 1 to 60 ml, cartridges with large reservoir capacity (LRC) of 10 or 15ml, closed cartridges, glass cartridges, 96 and 48 well extraction plates and QuEChERS kits. For any other cartridge, another phase or format, or glass cartridges 96- or 48 positions, you can not find in this catalog consultas@scharlab.com contact.
ALA. Acid aluminium oxide. SCHARLAU
   PhaseSorbent mass (mg)Volume (ml)Porus (Å)Particle (µm)Pack (u.)Reference Availability
ALA500380100-20050ALA500-03LIn Stock
ALA500680100-20050ALA500-06TIn Stock
ALA1000680100-20050ALA01G-06TIn Stock
ALB. Basic aluminum oxide. SCHARLAU
   PhaseSorbent mass (mg)Volume (ml)Porus (Å)Particle (µm)Pack (u.)Reference Availability
ALB2003805050ALB200-03LIn Stock
ALB500380 50ALB500-03LIn Stock
ALB500680 30ALB500-06TIn Stock
ALB1000680 30ALB01G-06TIn Stock
ALN. Aluminum oxide with neutralized surface
   PhaseSorbent mass (mg)Volume (ml)Porus (Å)Particle (µm)Pack (u.)Reference Availability
ALN100180 100ALN100-01CIn Stock
ALN500380 50ALN500-03LIn Stock
ALN500680 30ALN500-06TIn Stock
ALN1000680 30ALN01G-06TIn Stock
GCB. Graphitized carbon black. SCHARLAU
   PhaseSorbent mass (mg)Volume (ml)Porus (Å)Particle (µm)Pack (u.)Reference Availability
GCB1001-120-400100GCB100-01CIn Stock
GCB5006-120-40030GCB500-06TIn Stock
GCB/NH2. Graphitized carbon black/Amine (equivalent volume). SCHARLAU
   PhaseSorbent mass (mg)Volume (ml)Porus (Å)Particle (µm)Pack (u.)Reference Availability
GCB/NH23006 30CNH300-06TIn Stock
GCB/NH25006 30CNH500-06TIn Stock