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Extrabond® LLE

Developed to speed up liquid-liquid extractions in laboratories. ExtraBond® LLE cartridges are made of polypropylene medical grade and contain diatomaceous earth, a high purity packing chemically stable to solvents.

Unlike solid phase extraction cartridges, ExtraBond® LLE operates simply by gravity without the need for vacuum.

For preparation of biological samples, the cartridge must be selected with the volume of adsorbent corresponding to the total volume of the sample, including buffers and additives. The method is very simple. When an aqueous sample is added to ExtraBond® LLE, it acts to distribute it as a thin film on its surface. When the organic solvent (immiscible with water) is added, the resulting liquid-liquid extraction is very fast and efficient. This is a general method suitable for sample preparation prior to LC/MS.

For purification of organic reaction mixtures, fill the cartridge with acidified water (to remove amines) or water with an alkaline pH (to remove acids). The cartridge selection must be based on the total volume of aqueous buffer to be used. Then pass the reaction mixture through the cartridge. It is an easy, fast and reproducible way to remove excess reagents or reaction by-products from an organic reaction mixture.
   PhaseVolume (ml)Pack (u.)Reference Availability
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Diatomazeous earth1050LLE-10C000In Stock
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