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ExtraVac® Vacuum manifolds

We recommend using pressure equipment (positive or negative) taking care not to allow the solvents to "fall" by gravity for maximum reproducibility.
There are several ways of carrying out solid phase extraction using ExtraBond®.
- For a small number of samples use a syringe and an adapter to ""push"" the solvents through the column by positive pressure using the adapters that are listed on this page. See Figure 1. See the adapters listed above in section ExtraBond accessories.
- Or, you can use the negative pressure provided by a vacuum source. See Figure 2
- When the number of samples is high and you want to achieve better reproducibility more rapidly, vacuum manifolds are the best choice. See Figure 3.
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Scharlau ExtraVac vacuum manifolds 12 complete, 12 positions1EXTRAVAC12In Stock
Scharlau ExtraVac vacuum manifolds 20 complete, 24 positions1EXTRAVAC20In Stock
KNF vacuum pump mod. N820FT.18 (20L/min, 100mbar Ultimate vacuum, chemical resistant)100N820FT18In Stock
Vacuum trap 500ml10115530058-
Vacuum tube, latex 10mm IDx20mm ED10m288-430.11-