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Quality and Environmental Management

Scharlab is committed to fulfil or exceed customer requirements by the implementation of a management system, which includes outstanding quality service and products, the preservation of environment and the assurance of the health & safety of the personnel.

Management Policy

Scharlab has implemented since 1995 a quality system following the requirements of ISO 9000 and an environmental system since 2002 in the production unit according to the requirements of ISO 14000. Scharlab also meets the requirements of the national law 31/95 about health & safety in job places.

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Thus, Scharlab has an integrated manual for all three disciplines including written procedures and documentation related for the subsequent manage of business requirements for this system and desirable continuous improvement.

A Quality Assurance department, independent from other operatives units and reporting to general manager is the responsible for the control, implementation and enhancement of the comprehensive management system.

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All products, manufactured or distributed by Scharlab, have written specifications available to customers in our catalogues and technical documentation.

Scharlau technical data sheets (TDS) include the most relevant information of the product and the last version can be downloaded in this page or contacting customer service.

Custom made products with customer specifications are also possible. Please enquire if you need a product that is not in our catalogue

Batch documentation

Each batch produced under Scharlau Brand is provided with a certificate of analysis (CoA) with the actual batch results, expiry date and significant information for the use or storage, if needed.

That certificate of analysis for Scharlau Brand products can be downloaded in this page or contacting customer service. In some cases, the certificate is supplied attached to the product. In case of other brands distributed for Scharlab, please ask to our Customer Service if you need.

Certificates of analysis are not available for expired products.

Expiry dates

All Scharlau products have an expiry date printed on labels and certificates of analysis based on experimental or historical data.

Those dates mean the time that the product should fulfil the specifications established, as regards the maintenance of the storage and manipulation conditions. We do not recommend using the product after this date.

Once opened, as a general rule, the product should maintain the specifications while the storage conditions are the same as before. In the certificate of analysis are printed the specific conditions of storage for the products with a special treatment after being opened under ‘Storage and use'. In some cases, specific statements are issued for unstable products.

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No retest dates are applied to our products.


Audits in our premises are permitted with prior notification. Please contact with our Sales department.

Scharlab reserves the right to postpone, cancel or modify a scheduled audit.

Customer complaints

Scharlab handles customer complaints according to the written procedures in the management system. Please contact with our Sales Department in case you need to inform us about any complaint.

All customer complaints are investigated and an official answer is issued including, when appropriate, the corrective actions implemented.

Change control

Scharlab considers the critical changes applied in the products, facilities and services that may affect pharmaceutical customers.

For that reason, Scharlab notifies the changes in the supplied products that should meet pharmacopoeia requirements (with the exception of the reagents) to all customers registered in the automatic application existing in our intranet.

Environmental impacts

Scharlab is located in a rural area surrounded by forest and the preservation of the environment is one of the main concerns of the company. Scharlab works for ensuring that natural resources and raw materials are employed efficiently. Our new facilities in the chemical unit have been designed to reduce the impact to the surrounding countryside.

Scharlab does not inform publicly to external parties about the environmental impacts of the activities. This information can be reviewed during audits.

Environmental actions

Currently, Scharlab has several goals related to best practices as business imperatives

  • Reduction of electricity consumption
  • Reduction in the water consumption
  • Reduction in the use of paper
  • Enhancement of the internal use of waste (reutilization)

Environmental friendly products and packaging

Scharlab works for cleaner and safer products like aquagent reagent pyridine-free and takes into account the preservation of environment in the future projects.

Scharlab are continuously searching cleaner and safer ways of packaging like the new package for ready-to-use plates and uses mainly (when safety permits) external cardboard packages with recycled paper fillings for easier waste or reuse.